We don’t make many more than that, and they’re pretty much all gone at the moment.  We’ve been pretty amazed at the response and caught off guard by the level of demand.  Today one very happy drinker said that they were the best bottles of beer he’s ever had – the only ones that actually tasted as good as the cask version.  Thanks Mike!  The secret is down to our bottling technique, which is entirely done by hand (much to our dismay at times).

Every bottle is hand sanitised, dried, filled, capped, stacked, rinsed, and put away for conditioning in our warm room.  There is no filtering, pasteurising, fining, brightening, pre-conditioning, or anything else done to the beer itself.  It is literally the same beer that we put in cask, so apart from the fact it is conditioned in the bottle instead of cask you are getting beer the way we meant it to be drunk.  There is a debate that can be discussed concerning the impact of vessel volume and geometry on flavour, but this is as close to cask beer as any brewer dare take you.  It is completely unadulterated, and as it has not come in contact with isinglass finings it is vegan friendly.  We could do like all the other brewers and either filter and reseed it, just rack off cask conditioned beer, contract out our bottling, or worse, but we insist on bringing you the real deal.  What’s the downside for you?  They’re only available in limited quantities and we can only bottle at the same time we are brewing that particular beer.

When the bottles are ready to be delivered they are hand labelled, date stamped, and placed in boxes.  As you can imagine, this is an incredibly time consuming process and consequently limits the numbers we can produce (hundreds at a time).  Now you know what we mean when we say our beer is hand-crafted!  So if you’re label is slightly askew, the date stamp is a bit smudged, or some dust settled on the bottle during drying, you can be happy in the fact that your bottle was not number 286,925 out of 10,000,000.  You definitely won’t see it in the supermarkets, but there are a few places you can get your hands on these highly sought after gems.  The list will be slowly added to over time.

Beer Merchants Cave Direct, online

Pitney Farm Shop, Pitney

Long Sutton Stores, Long Sutton

West Country Ales,  Cheddar

Dobbies Garden Centre, Shepton Mallet

Devonshire Arms, Long Sutton

Queen’s Arms, Corton Denham

Stapleton Arms, Buckhorn Weston

King’s Head, High Ham

Brewer’s Droop Homebrew, Bristol