We love getting them, in part because it feels good, but more as recognition that people enjoy what we brew.  We notched up many more awards (that we know about) at the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011.  Rate Beer Gold Medals (3 more in 2011!) are always very humbling as they come directly from the drinkers.  Old Freddy Walker impressed the CAMRA South West judges at the Exeter Winter Ales Fest once again, earning Gold.  But there was one award that really had a deep impact on us, and it’s one that might not be on everyone’s radar – the Beer Merchants  Golden Pint, which was awarded to Southern Star.  This one was particularly moving as it comes from Phil Lowry – one of the best travelled, best palleted (is that a word?!), most knowledgeable, and let’s face it, most demanding beer experts in the world.  That’s saying a lot, but I know that many world famous brewers will agree with me.  Thanks, Phil, for the high praise.  Keep doing what you do best – bringing great beer to thirsty drinkers and making the global brewing fraternity a tighter group.  And we’ll brew more Southern Star when the boat docks from NZ in a few months.