Judges and fellow brewers had a look and agreed – we have the best pump clips, bottle labels, and branding in the UK.  To recognise this, we were awarded the SIBA Brewing Business Award for Best Point of Sale.

Feedback on our beers was extremely positive.  We won a number of regional and national awards, but feedback on our branding had not been so positive.  People loved our name and slogan, ‘Drink Moor Beer’, but felt our visual imagery was not in sync with our beers.  Drinkers felt our beers were big and exciting, while our branding was old-fashioned, boring, and inconsistent.  In addition, our old imagery was very graphic intensive, which meant that launching short run specials was difficult and expensive.

One of our local consumers worked with us on the branding, with a two-word ethos: Modern Classic.  We wanted something that was fairly classical looking, modern enough to appeal to a trendier audience, but not so trendy that its usefulness would be short lived and it would alienate our traditional drinkers. The overall image had to be instantly recognisable as Moor Beer, no matter what brand it was on or what format (bottle, pump, print, etc.).  It also had to be simple and easily changeable so we could launch short run specials with minimal time and investment.

We decided to use colour and text to alter the brands, but leave the overall Moor Beer image bold, strong, and consistent.  The concept came from a church hymn board, with interchangeable numbers.  The centre of our imagery would be the canvas we would use to convey our message, but the frame would remain the same throughout.

Our first milestone was to launch our new bottles at the Bath & West Show.  We started with three brands, distinguished on the bottle by their text, colour, and cap.  As an early adopter of Cyclops, we wanted to include it prominently on the label as well.  Unlike most bottles, we went with an oversized 660ml with an oversized label.  We also chose to go with a matte rather than gloss finish to give it a classic, high quality feel.  The labels were die-cut to ensure the new Moor Beer image stood out. Due to the high specification and small quantities they are very expensive to produce, but we feel they are worth it.  They arrived just in time for us to date stamp and apply them the morning of the show!

Displaying at such an important event meant we had to have more than just bottles.  We needed  new brochures, business cards, t-shirts, stickers and a banner.  Once we had the overall branding complete, rolling it out to the other formats was relatively straight-forward (although it did not feel that way as the show approached!).  The event was a huge success and consumer feedback was very positive.  Our stand won third place for the Celebrating Somerset area, and our branding helped us get noticed by BBC Somerset Radio, which has had us on air twice since the show.

When the show finished we turned our attention to sourcing our new pump clips.  We fell in love with the wooden hymn board idea, which was truly innovative, and found a producer that would laser etch wooden boards for us.  It is a huge investment to produce these clips, but once a pub has our pump clip board, the ongoing cost of rolling out a new centre card is minimal.  It has a couple of added benefits as well.  Firstly, if a landlord doesn’t have one of our cards or lost one they can make their own.  Secondly, if they want to rebadge a beer for a special event or make their own they can easily do so.  On the bar the clips truly stand out and become a talking point for both consumers and bar staff.

For labelling miscellaneous items such as take-away Jerri cans and beer boxes we needed a generic sticker.  As our main logo gave us the flexibility to alter the middle, we decided to produce simple stickers with the middle blank.  We could then hand-write whatever we wanted to put on any type of package.  They were also used at the Bath & West show as a giveaway for children to write their names on.  This was popular with both the children and parents, although we did have to challenge a few children who would have preferred beer but made do with a lollipop.

Our new t-shirts have proven very eye-catching and popular.  With a bold ‘Drink Moor Beer!’ in the centre, and differently coloured garments, they always attract attention. Despite only being at the GBBF trade day for a few hours, several consumers have written to us requesting shirts, and many came up to us at the festival, who subsequently tried and enjoyed our beer there.  Bottle shop owners and publicans have also bought shirts to sell at their premises because of consumer demand.  Our shirts, clips, labels and other future items will be available to order. Details are on the site or write to us at info@moorbeer.co.uk.