Cyclops – not the mythical creature but a new system to describe beers. The brewing industry and CAMRA have come together to provide a simple way of introducing beers to people. Each beer is rated across five areas: See, Smell, Taste, Bitter and Sweet. The first three areas are “Simply Stated”, in about five words each using everyday language (not beer geek speak as I would normally be accused of!). It is more difficult than you think to describe the unique character of a beer in so few, simple words. How do you distinguish between straw, golden, copper, and amber? Bitter and Sweet are rated in¬†intensity from 1 – 5.
Six of our core beers were assessed by Master Brewer Adrian Wood of Wadworth and approved by CAMRA. We had a very enjoyable session with Adrian and he really seemed to like all the beers. In addition to the fun, some great work managed to get done. Some comments that didn’t make the Cyclops descriptions, but you might find interesting were:
“A brash New Yorker of a beer – really in your face” – Confidence
“A really rich middle” – Merlin’s Magic
Once the Cyclops artwork is together we’ll post it on the site. It will also go on the back of our bottles.