Moor Beer is releasing three new Double Stouts as the first instalment of our barrel ageing project from the Bermondsey Vault, pouring Saturday 1st December at 2pm.

Brewed in collaboration with the Madrid-based brewery La Quince Brewery, the Batallas Double Stouts will be exclusively available from Moor Beer’s taprooms in Bristol and Bermondsey on draught and in 330ml cans.

The three varieties are from a single brew. The first is the original expression of the Double Stout. The other two have spent much of this year maturing in rum and whisky barrels. 

Each barrel has come from renowned independent spirit makers from across Europe to introduce diverse and complex flavours to the rarely seen style of beer. 

Moor Beer expanded its operation to the Bermondsey Beer Mile earlier this year with the view to enhancing our barrel ageing production and to fulfil the ambition to bring flavoursome beers to a wider audience. Moor Beer are not new to barrel ageing – our first barrel aged beer, Fusion, was released in 2009. However, these are the first beers matured at the Vault to be released.

Moor Beer will be hosting events on Saturday 1 December to debut the three versions of Batallas Double Stout at our taprooms – Bristol (Days Rd, Bristol, BS2 0QS) and the Bermondsey Vaults (71 Enid St, London, SE16 3RA). 

Justin Hawke, Moor Beer’s head brewer and the current British Guild of Beer Writers’ Brewer of the Year, said: “We have been barrel ageing for almost 10 years, but as many know, it’s not only a time-consuming project, it also requires a lot of space. Our Bermondsey Vault has allowed to us up the ante and we’re thrilled with the first results. 

“We are firm believers that good beer should not be rushed. Having the opportunity to barrel age for a period of time has delivered natural beers that are full of flavour. This is a fantastic opportunity to see how the same brew can be influenced and enhanced in three different ways. 

“The beers from the rum and whisky barrels have been enhanced by the flavours from wood and the spirit that was previously within. For instance, the whisky barrels provide a notable yet balanced peaty flavour that compliments the richness of the double stout. 

“We collaborated with La Quince to brew this beer with our mutual friend Batallas. We all love dark beers full of flavour that are immensely drinkable. It was a pleasure to share our first Vault projects with friends like these.

“Other than holding a few kegs back for special events next year, our taprooms will be the only place to try these three beers. “