Those that attended the Great British Beer Festival will have certainly enjoyed themselves, especially those that attended our tutored tasting. The room was fully packed with 70 thirsty enthusiasts. The line up of brewers was quite impressive. In fact we were the only micro brewery there. The tasting kicked off with Woodfordes, followed by Hook Norton, Okells, Titanic, myself, and finally Fullers. It was a real treat for me to share the stage with such fantastic brewers. I presented Confidence, which seemed to go down very well with the tasters. One person asked if I thought there was a market for extreme beers in the UK. I think Confidence, and several of our other beers, have extreme flavour, but I wouldn’t label them as extreme in the way American craft brewers do – i.e. extreme alcohol, bitterness, etc. However, I was recently in discussion with an esteemed landlord about a double IPA, so you never know… But back to the question. I do think there is a market, in the UK and globally, for well crafted beers, whatever their outstanding attributes are. Interest in flavourful, fresh food and drink continues to grow as people demand better than mass marketed, bland products. Long may it continue.