In the spirit of experimentation, enjoyment, and temporary insanity we innoculated a two-year old cask of JJJ with Brett and decided to age it for a year to see where it would go.  Christening it ‘Fun’ on the day of innoculation, we honestly forgot about it as it was tucked away in a corner.

One day recently we were reminded about it and decided to see how it was doing.  Much to our delight it was worth the wait.  As with great non-sour beers like Orval and Harvey’s, a little Brett can really create something interesting and highly enjoyable.  It is currently available at the Queen’s Arms, but you won’t see it on the handpump.  If you give the secret handshake, use the magic word, and ask the right person, you just might be rewarded with a glass to enjoy.  That is, if we don’t drink it all first!  When it’s gone, it is truly gone.  We might do another at some point, but with three plus years in the making, it’ll be a long wait before you’ll get to taste it again.