If you didn’t make it to the Maltings you missed a great event – and awards!  We were thrilled to win three awards this year.  Milly’s won Bronze for Mild.  JJJ IPA won Gold for Strong Ales, and was Silver Overall, making it 2nd out of nearly 300 beers.  The news was in several local papers and across the web.  I was ecstatic, to say the least.  I always felt this beer is really something special, and I was so pleased that the judges agreed. We only released it a few months ago, so to win such high honours is an amazing feeling. Most importantly, I love the great reaction from the drinkers.

And the reaction has not been confined to the Maltings. It has quickly gained a cult status across the UK. Many people have felt so inspired by the beer that they email us their comments.  Below is one from Phil:

“Just to let you know that I travel for beer 22,000 miles so far this year! I work in the beer trade, I have lived and breathed it all my life, and your JJJ IPA is one of the best UK beers that I have ever had – and I have just noticed from your website that you have a Californian on board!  That explains the sheer authenticity of that beer.   I believe that it would more than hold it’s own at the DIPA/IIPA fest at The Bistro at Hayward., CA. ”

To support his claim, it was pointed out to me that JJJ IPA is one of the highest rated beers on www.ratebeer.com, both in its category and in the UK.  Thanks so much to all those who support us and take the time to rate our beers.  It really makes it all worthwhile.

Las month I had the privilege to attend a beer tasting in London and brought along a few hand-filled bottles to sample. There were about 70 beers from across the world at the tasting, which was a fabulous evening (thanks Chris and Ruth for hosting such a motley crowd!). People even came from Denmark. When it came time to try JJJ IPA everyone was really excited and it proved to be one of the hits of the night.