Merlin’s Magic has always been a high-flying beer and a favourite of many regular drinkers.  It’s flying even higher now, on board an Agusta Westlands Merlin’s helicopter.  To commemorate 100,000 flying hours of their iconic Merlin’s helicopter, they asked us to produce a limited edition version of Merlin’s Magic.  The new label was designed by Agusta Westlands, blending the award-winning Moor Beer image with their corporate colours, and of course, the Merlin’s helicopter.  Sadly, they were not collected by helicopter but driven to Yeovil.  However, we are sure they will be enjoyed nontheless, and the bottles cherished for a long time to come.  Well done to everyone involved in the Merlin’s project at Agusta Westlands and congratulations on your milestone.  Keep up the Magic!