You already knew it, but Moor Beer officially brews some of the best beer in the UK.  This wasn’t one of those awards where you pay to enter, or a festival with a limited selection.  This was voted on by consumers that searched out and judged our beer throughout the year on Rate Beer.  We brew two of the top 20 beers in the UK, with JJJ IPA ranking #9 and Old Freddy Walker ranking #16 in the Rate Beer 2010 Awards.  Thanks to all those that parted with their hard-earned cash to buy the beer and took the time to rate it.

Also, we would like to ask those looking at Rate Beer and other rating sites to ignore ratings prior to 2007 (good, bad or indifferent).  You may not remember that the brewery was bought and relaunched by award winning brewer Justin Hawke at the tail end of 2006 and that he did a complete overhaul of the plant, recipes, and consequently its reputation.  Long gone is the vinegar that was churned out under the previous regime.  These awards are the best endorsement we could ask for so thanks again for your continued support.