Happy New Year and best wishes to all you happy drinkers in cyberland.  You may be wondering why we’ve seemed to be a bit out of touch in the past few months.  Those a bit closer to the brewery know that we’ve been doing some pretty amazing things and haven’t had time to get the good word out a bit further.  ‘No Excuse!’ I hear my old roommate shouting.  And he’s right.

But we’ve got some awesome fans that have taken matters into their own hands.  Hence the new website, Facebook page, Twitter and Flickr accounts, all set up with their own initiative.  Talk about a great group of friends!  Thanks Phil, Ben, Dan, and everyone else who goes that extra kilo for us.

We’re trying to get everything updated and running as quickly as we can from a content perspective, starting with the beer pages, then the news and social networking technologies.  Rest assured we’ll keep the comms flowing much more timely in the future.  In the interim, please have patience if this machine isn’t perfectly oiled yet.

Keep drinkin’ it!