If you were lucky you managed to be part of the Empire Strikes Back – our collaboration with Charles Faram Hop Developments in 2012 to trial the promising development hop known as Jester.  Based on the success of the trial, the hop was deemed desirable and was planted in earnest.  As expected with first year growth, 2013 did not yield a large quantity.  But in 2014 a full commercial crop was harvested, with enough growth to allow for the hop to be pelletised as well for the first time.  Keen to move things forward, we have now brewed Return of the Empire.

To celebrate the rekindling of excitement in British hops, we are extremely proud to host the creator of Jester – hop father and uber swell guy Peter Glendinning, on Friday the 13th.  At 1900, Peter and Moor Beer’s own Justin Hawke will give a talk in the brewhouse about Jester, Return of the Empire, hop development, beer development, and a glimpse into the future.  This is an extremely rare opportunity to learn from such esteemed people (or at least Peter).  Tickets are £10, which include the private session and a pint of Return of the Empire.  Due to the intimate nature of this event, we are limiting it to 30 tickets.  As it is Friday the 13th, the first ticketed person through the door named Jason (with ID) will get his £10 refunded. No killing anyone to get in.  And anyone deemed to be displaying sufficient Star Wars spirit on the night will get a free gift as well.

The Emperor commands you to book now at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/moor-beer-return-of-the-empire-beer-launch-and-hop-seminar-tickets-15597520604