Everybody seems to love a bit of gossip and rumour, especially in the social media age. We’ve heard some great ones recently and thought we’d put the record straight, as well as provide a bit of newsworthy information.

I have given up brewing to play a major role in the upcoming Star Wars films – FALSE: Sorry, I sometimes wish this one was true. If anyone can make this happen I won’t give up brewing, but you will get more beer than you can possibly imagine.

We are upping sticks and moving back to California – FALSE: The thought of near permanent sunshine was getting quite appealing but the call of Bristol was stronger so we’re moving there instead. Work has begun to transform our new building and we expect to commence brewing there in July. We are staying on our same kit, just adding moor capacity, a lot moor, so we can stop running out of beer and disappointing our fans around the world. Bear with us, we will most definitely run out of beer during the transition, but we’ll be back as soon as possible, and stronger than ever. We are brewing every possible opportunity and seeding our main distributors with as much beer as possible in advance of our relocation.

You can drop in and see us whenever you are in the area – soon to be TRUE: Our current location, apart from being impossible to find, was not conducive to anything but pre-booked group tours for a multitude of reasons. The new location is intended to be a completely different, open and welcoming experience. Public transport anyone? It is just a few minutes’ walk from Temple Meads rail station, and has a bus stop (#506) across the street. We don’t want you drinking and driving. But if you have a designated driver we will also have great road access and great coffee. The new brewery will offer scheduled and group tours, a retail shop and brewery tap (all hours TBA) with a few surprises. We’ll also have the perfect yard for events, of which we have many ideas in mind. The new brewery will really be the place to visit regularly for locals and tourists alike. It will also be a reference site for our supplier partners and a centre  of excellence for brewers interested in unfined beer, keg conditioning, and other evolutionary brewing techniques. Again, bear with us as we get settled in. Rome wasn’t built in a day and we won’t have everything 100% perfect day one. As things develop we’ll keep you posted and look forward to welcoming you regularly so you can be part of the development. Some of you will be so in love with what we’re doing you’ll want to join us. There’ll be opportunities for that as well. We can’t wait to be an integral part of the Bristol beer scene with our brewing brothers and sisters, and our passionate drinkers.

We are expanding our distribution area – TRUE: But maybe not in the way you think. We’re already on 4 continents, and broad sections of the UK, but there are lots of holes to fill and lots moor beer needed. We are stopping all direct delivery, even local, so we can spend all our time and effort on what we do best – brew beer. We’ll leave the distribution to our partners, who are far better at it than we are. We’ll also be organising many moor regular visits with our distributors at customers and events around the world. If you want to know which of our distributors covers your area get in touch. And if we don’t have anyone in your area let us know that as well along with some recommendations of good distributors who know how to look after beer.

You can buy retail from us – soon to be TRUE: We haven’t really been able to offer this so far. Once we’re settled into the new place, restocked and chilled out you’ll be able to order bottles, shirts, glasses, etc. from us. But don’t forsake other online retailers. You’ll still be able to get our beer from them as well if you want to get mixed cases including us and other brewers. Both ways you win.

We are switching to 330ml bottles – FALSE: You know and we know that the 660ml bottle is just better. But we will have a 330ml format coming out early next year (or sooner if we can manage it). Use your imagination.

Area 51 exists – Even I don’t have the answer to that one.