The spirit of radio has infected us recently (thanks Neil, Geddy and Alex!), but it’s not just on the listening side.  BBC Somerset listeners were keen to understand why someone would move from California to Somerset – and if I could learn to speak with a West Country accent.  Unfortunately my poor pronunciation of ‘tractor’ means I need to work a bit harder.  But they were pleased enough with the story to bring me back to voice my opinion on the state of pub closures.  There are too many valid reasons why pubs are closing, but if we all remain positive and active in  the state of global, local, corporate and governmental adversity we can stem the tide.  What can be done?  Landlords – develop a positive attitude, provide quality products and services that make your patrons want to spend their limited funds in your establishment, and take a long term view on turnover / profitability.  Easier said than done, I know, especially for tenanted houses with unfair deals, but it can be done.  Punters – work with your landlords to help them tailor their offerings to your needs, accept that you need to pay a fair price for quality (you get what you pay for), and use your local.