We may not don platform boots and makeup, but we are ready to greet our crazed fans.  As we said in our previous blog, one of the many reasons for our move to Bristol was to get close to people and give them the opportunity to visit us. Like all big projects, things took longer than expected, but we’re finally ready to ease the floodgates open, and I do mean ease.  Things aren’t perfect yet but the overwhelming majority have said they’d rather us open now and tart things up as we go along.  I swear, I’ve had more grief from people asking “when do you open?” than from my kids asking “are we there yet?”

Our online shop opened on Friday, and we were very pleased to have a number of orders waiting to ship Monday morning.  Our retail shop is now open as well, with our Tap opening later this week. Hours (which will be increasing) and directions can be found here.

Do you want to wake up next to your lover in a Moor Beer shirt?  This is the place to get it. Need a wedding present but don’t fancy boring crystal?  A set of our stunning glasses (in two sizes and designs) will get much better use.  Did someone just house sit for you while you were on holiday?  Grab them some bomber bottles of Moor Beer on your way back from the station.  Soon we’ll have Gingerbeard Chipotle Ketchup featuring Amoor in stock for that dinner party you’re going to later (don’t forget to order your 20 litre party box of beer in advance).  And there will be even moor in store.  While you’re mulling over your purchase decisions you can enjoy a great cup of Clifton Coffee.  If you haven’t heard it a thousand times yet, Christmas is just around the corner…

The Tap is the place to get close to other like-minded people, your favourite brewer, and the odd celebrity.  You may even meet your next partner here.  Bring your friends, bring games, but leave your attitude.  Seating is beer hall style – we want everyone talking and having a great time together.  We’ve got 10 keg lines and 4 cask lines installed, plus fridges full of our 660ml bomber bottles and chic Karma Cola soft drinks.  Hot drinks, courtesy of Clifton Coffee, include proper coffee, tea and hot chocolate.  We’ll have some pretty rare and amazing beers making appearances.  And we’ve got some incredible events planned.

After all, don’t you want to rock ‘n roll all night and party every day?